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NEW*ED Mallets

Following our motto "For each request, a suitable idea," these new Mallets have been developed as a complementary "Mallet highlight" for the world of sound.

The new
double-Mallet allows beating of average singing bowl sizes from approx Ø 5,90 inch to about Ø 11,81 inch, with the one side mounted mallet head of the very popular "Terra Edition" natural rubber series of TTE Konklang.
The opposite mounted "double cap" made ​​of silicone rubber allows the sonorous beating of small singing bowl sizes from approx Ø 1,97 inch to about 5,90 inch Ø.
A 19,68 inch long stick handle also allows the user the beating of anything remotely positioned singing bowls, from the same starting position of the user.

In addition, there is of course also possible to sound with the "double cap" mallets side of these
double-Mallet, the resonance intense treble range of larger bowls.

Fascinating sound mix ranges arise when beating a larger singing bowl with the "Terra ball" head to hear the vibration intense deep sounding range of a singing bowl, mixed with a treble tuned sound, added from the user by beating the sounding singing bowl with the "double cap" opposite of the mallet turns the mallet by juggling the handle in the same beating hand.

An excellent addition to any applications with singing bowls.
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