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Gongrubber "YinYang Edition" with example videos

The "YinYang Edition"
is one of the latest developments of TTE Konklang®. This Gongrubber mallets make queeknoise free sound ranges on a gong. Excellent example on gongs with a smooth surface are "YinYang Edition 5R" gongrubber mallets with red handle and finely sanded surface. For Tam Tam (Wuhan, Chaou) gongs choose better the "YinYang Edition 5" with handle in natural white and roughened or roughly sanded surface.
8 different rubberball diameters can make at least 8 clearly differenced overtone sound ranges on gongs. Excellently also suitable as singing bowl mallets, to excite the deepest sound and vibrations of a singing bowl.

In conjunction of "YinYang Edition" with the "Vario OTG" overtone tuning handle, constant repeatable sounds of a gong could be energized. Please note: The "YinYang Edition" gongrubber mallets are not suitable for "hot rubbing" on a gong, built much heat. It should be avoided extreme loads with a lot of preasure load. In normaly use you´ll have long enjoyment of our products.
Two different handle diameter results two different vibration speeds with the same head material and head diameter: "YinYang-Edition 3" (Thin Handle series - very good for small gongs up to approxinately Ø 23,6 inch gong size) with Ø 0,12 inch handle are offered with 7 different ball sizes, because the head mass of rubberballs with Ø 0,12 inch handles could be controlled well on a gong up to approximately 2,36 inch diameter.
The "YY-Edition 5" with Ø 0,20 mm handles are offered in eight different ball sizes.