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H.M. Capsticks by Holger Mertin / Multi-Percussionsticks

Multi - Percussionsticks:
H.M. Capsticks are unique drum and percussion sticks with a flexible Capsystem at both ends of the sticks. The H.M. Capsticks are made of american hickory and stands out by a flexible capsystem with a very good rebounding. There are fascinating new technology depending by playing, especially deep and soft sounds of your rhythm set to hear and to feel. New sounds on drums, cymbals and percussion instruments. With H.M. Capsticks can be particularly play rhythmic on all the materials out of our everyday live. The H.M. Capstick is a rhythm stick for professionals and for all people feel the fun and joy with beating rhythm.

Are you curious? - so feel the beat and lets groove together!

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