TTE Konklang Information

Singing bowl mallets "Terra Edition" & "Black Edition"

A NEW mallet series, the "Black Edition", complements and differs clearly from the "Terra Edition". The "Black Edition" in the dimensions Ø 1,57 / Ø 1,97 and 2,36 inch is in the poster behaviour comparably with firm felt mallets of the dimensions Ø 1,97 / Ø 2,36 and Ø 2,76 inch. Nevertheless the attack (poster noise) of the "Black Edition" is substantially lower in proportion to firm felt mallets. The "Terra Edition" is comparable in the sound excitement in a singing bowl rather with a medium soft felt mallet. She distinguishes herself by an especially soft attack. Also here the relative importance to felt mallets Ø Is an India rubber Ø 1,57 / felt Ø 1,97 , Ø India rubber 1,97 inch / felt 2,36 inch, Ø India rubber 2,36 inch / felt 2,76 inch. Measuring results of the frequency show an almost identical sound picture.