TTE Konklang Information

Gong rubber India coutschuc

Why are there so many TTE Konklang® gong rubber mallets?
Gong rubbing with India rubber worked on by hand to ball heads, is the purest and unusual sound pleasure in your gong. A gong presents his full range in the own resonance by this method of the external sound excitement.
The most different diameters have the India rubber mounted on a springy, adaptable handle of ball heads. Big ball heads, with e.g. 70 mm of diameter excite in the gong deepest, softy tones with gentle rubbing. The most intensive own resonance of the instrument originates with light rise of the rubbing pressure and the rubbing speed.
The rule to gong rubber mallet ball head dimensions: The smaller a ball head, becomes the faster the vibration speed. During the sound excitement the most different overtone sectors are to be appealed straight in the gong.
Different surfaces of our gong rubber mallets have become necessary to do the best to different gong surfaces. A roughened or rough surface of rubberball heads is better for example for a Tam Tam Gong (Gong Wuhan, Chaou Gong) with a rough surface. A finely ground surface of a gong rubber mallet is rather good for a smoother surface of for example a concert gong.