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specials for gong rubber

Konklang "Vario OTG" is an exclusive worldwide unique special for gong rubber-frictioner-mallets
The Vario OTG overtone sound tuning handle is a self-tuning tool for Gong rubber. Worldwide unique it is possible to tune Gong rubber with its own flexible vibrate handle. The Vario OTG is pushed onto the Gong rubber handle and manually locked. The point of the detent pin is freely selectable. So Gong rubber be a separate instrument for exciting a resonance sound ranges tuning of a gong. The shorter the distance to the rubberball,  the faster the vibration speed and the higher the excited selective partial sound (tuned overtone sound ranges sector) of a gong. The position of the locking mechanism of the variable Vario OTG changes a Gong rubbers handle length and makes so a Gong rubber tunable. Other important components of such a tuned gong rubber are: the formulation of the rubber material (mixing recipe), the surface properties (friction structure), weight (mass) and mass behavior (slow or flexible).
2 Vario OTG product variants for Ø 0,12 inch diameter and Ø 0,20 inch Gong rubber handles are offered

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