TTE Konklang Information

About us

TTE Konklang ® is an inventor, developer, designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of accessories for gongs, singing bowls and rhythm musicinstruments.

Our motto:
Nearly for any wish in the rhythm world, musician world and sound world a suitable idea.

Our target groups:
Users of singing bowls and gongs in the sound relaxation, therapists the sounds use, musician, music therapist, drummer, percussionists, overtone lover, voice therapists, physiotherapist (e.g., gymnastics with sounds), psychologists, psychotherapists and many many more...........

Our products:
Mallets, gong rubber mallets and all accessories products are independent instruments, because without cause instrument a sound excitement is impossible. Nevertheless, the easiest and most brilliant sound causes are our voice, our hands, feet, bodies and and and - all this what the second instrument (e.g., drum, singing bowl, gong etc.) as a cause allow to sound.
Our in-house "cause instruments" are making a partial up to now unheard sound excitement in a singing bowl or in many different gong types and other noise instruments or sound instruments.

our guide to the company draught:
"Stability in the flexibility" or "flexibility in the stability"